Artist & Tour Management:

Advising independent artists about all facets of their music career – defining brand and story, growing your social media presence, building the team, PR (press, interviews, reviews), distribution and release plan (label services), merchandise and webshop, advise in marketing, radio promotion and playlisting, styling, touring, …


Business Excellence for Communication and Marketing: managing and optimising Operations (Process Improvement). How to make your department be more cost-effective and work faster. Set industry standard KPI’s and reach them with minimal effort, training and leadership of Customer Service teams, budget management, communication management, social media strategy and optimisation,…

High level Executive and Personal Assistant: create the perfect back office, supporting the needs of high-level managers and their teams intuitively to gain better results in the field.

Project Management: leading your project with efficiency, making sure the allocated team reaches its goals, HR Recruitment and Selection, Performance and Competence Management, Social Media Management, etc.


With her creativity and long list of resources Wendy collaborates with you, to design a unique and memorable concept.  Building your event up from the idea towards the required result with eye for quality and detail, Wendy has a no-nonsense approach and a passion for organisation, in Belgium or abroad.

Extensive experience in Organisational Services including full Event Management, such as meetings, congresses, seminars, business incentives (family day, teambuilding, gala dinner), exhibitions, private and corporate parties and Music Events.